Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I have not written a post in a while, how distasteful of me...I reckon no one shall read this; therefore, it is another reason why I should write...Writing anonymously is quite relieving and satisfying. Well, I am now embarking on my second year of computing and it has taken a substantial amount of my time. So, having a hectic schedule with a huge portion of it glaring at a computer monitor does cause a person to detest computers and subsequently the Internet, particularly during their leisure time. I realize that is not a proper excuse...Will being a malencholic be an excuse? Or, the fear of writing and exposing myself to complete strangers and awaiting their judgement...Perhaps that is the fundamental reason: disclosing  a private part of oneself and losing its uniqueness, for its uniqueness constitutes in its discretion. Another factor that comes to mind is that my thoughts have been incoherent that I honestly do not wish to include others or confuse  some poor souls by them. Why would I trouble others with trivia, my life is insignificant and most importantly my thoughts are too.
I assume the reason therefore is my be continued